Profitable growth

By combining skilled and motivated people, new technology, and to increasingly farm salmon on nature’s terms, we aim to ensure sustainable and profitable growth in the years ahead.


With various focus areas to reduce our environmental impact, fish welfare will be improved, and as a result, harvest volume will increase and production cost will be reduced.

We target a harvest volume of 100 000 tonnes, with a production cost at or below weighted industry average of NOK 37.90 per kg, in 2020. For Rogaland and Finnmark, the target is NOK 36.00 per kg.

We believe that improving sustainability is key to increasing profits in the salmon farming industry.



  • Improve the utilization of our current capacity.
  • Produce larger size smolt to reduce production time in sea, thereby reduce exposure to biological challenges to increase fish welfare and survival rates.
  • Optimize feeding by using advanced sensor systems, real time monitoring, and automation.
  • Continuous monitoring of environmental parameters combined with big data and artificial intelligence to predict biological conditions.