Escape control

Escaped farmed salmon may mix genetically with the wild salmon stocks, and should therefore be avoided. Escapes are also costly for salmon farming companies.


We have zero tolerance for escapes from our farms in all regions.


  • High technical standards on sites. We are implementing the NYTEK standard on all facilities, to avoid escapes during harsh weather.
  • Procedures to avoid escapes during operations.
  • Regular inspections to control compliance by vessels, moorings and facilities.
  • Inspections before and after harsh weather.
  • We strive to ensure that employees regulary attend courses on escape prevention. New employees also receive risk and procedural training within their first week, and do not carry out work operations alone until they acquire necessary training.


The 2018 incident where 500 individuals escaped was caused by a mistake in a well boat operation, while the incident where 21 712 individuals escaped was caused by a rift in the net in one of our cages. The rift was caused by nagging between net and our mooring system. Both incidents are analyzed in detail and measures are taken.