Skuna Bay Salmon - fit for a President

Skuna Bay Salmon has become popularized among top chefs throughout the United States. It has even made its way into the White House.


“Skuna Bay has become the preferred salmon of choice for top chefs throughout North America.”

Brand Manager
Skuna Bay


Chef José Andrés

has incorporated Skuna Bay Salmon onto his menu throughout the seasons at Zaytinya in Washington,

Chef Julian Serrano
Chef Thomas Keller
Chef Elizabeth Falkner
Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson
Chef Ed Brown

Grieg Seafood’s premium brand from British Columbia is as hand-crafted as farmed salmon may be. Every fish is meticulously selected, impeccably hand-cleaned, chilled and carefully placed into a fully recyclable cardboard carton.

“Skuna Bay has become the preferred salmon of choice for top chefs throughout North America. The brand has become synonymous with ‘the perfect fish’,” says Andy Cheung, Brand Manager for Skuna Bay at Ocean Quality Canada.


“Premium-grade salmon from the British Columbia farm-sites are inspected at the processing plant to meet the Skuna Bay Standard. We evaluate size and external factors as well as firmness, thickness and texture of the fillet.” At the end, every box is individually labeled.

“Before shipping the boxes, we identify the specific farm site the fish was harvested from and the packing date. The individual who packaged and sealed the carton even adds his or her signature,” Cheung explains.


Ocean Quality is Grieg Seafood’s sales company, jointly owned with Bremnes Seashore. The company’s head office is in Bergen, but they also have offices in the UK and Canada, taking care of Grieg Seafood’s fish from the processing plant and all the way to the customers.



The White House served Skuna Bay Salmon on the menu for the Inauguration Dinner to former President and First Lady of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama.

“The brands unique closed chain of custody, tamperproof system and traceability made it possible for Skuna Bay to be selected for this important event. The system ensures that Skuna Bay Salmon is delivered to the chef untouched and provides the highest level of food safety and security,” says Cheung.


Chefs are willing to pay a premium for such quality and attributes. The Skuna Bay brand, though small in volume, contributes significantly to Grieg Seafood’s revenues in Canada.

“Most months, Skuna Bay accounts for approximately only five % of the volume and delivers roughly 25 % of our margins,” says Adam OBrien, General Manager for Skuna Bay at Ocean Quality Canada.



Stewardship of the ocean and environment is integral to Skuna Bay’s success.

“Chefs increasingly want to learn more about the sustainable nature of the products they purchase. In our case, they care about farming practices, co-existence with wild salmon, environmentally-friendly packaging and sustainability certifications.” says OBrien.


Cheung and OBrien both emphasize that transparency along the value chain is an absolute must.

“Chefs have come to expect a certain level of social responsibility from their vendors, as well as transparency of their practices,” says Cheung.


To meet these expectations, Ocean Quality developed a ‘technical training’ trip for Chefs and buyers to tour Grieg Seafood’s farms in British Columbia, meet the Craftsman Farmers, and learn first-hand from the source how Skuna Bay is meticulously selected, prepared and packaged.

“For those who can’t make their way to the farms, we bring our Craftsman Farmers to them. Chefs from the city are always astonished at the Craftsman Farmers level of personal care and attention to detail in raising of the fish and the measures taken to protect the environment.”


Skuna Bay continues their partnership with the James Beard Foundation as a founding  member of the Sustainable Seafood Impact Program. JBF’s Sustainable Seafood Partnership leverages the expertise of seafood purveyors who are committed to offering sustainable seafood options and are willing to serve as public advocates for sustainable seafood in the market.


Skuna Bay is now partnering up with the Women Chefs and Restauranteurs (WCR) organization. The WCR advocates to advance women across the culinary industry through Education, Promotion, Connection and Inspiration. Skuna Bay will send a female salmon farmer, one of six in the world, to provide an educational editorial feature at the 2019 National Conference.


The US salmon market is expected to grow more than five percent annually in the coming years. Ocean Quality sees many expansion opportunities for Skuna Bay.


“One of our latest addition to the brand line is our Gold River Perfect Portion program, for the short-on-time chef. They receive pre-cut, pin-boned portions of Skuna Bay Salmon. We are also testing a ready-to-cook portion program for the retail market,” Cheung explains.


“Our vision for the future of Skuna Bay is a slow and steady evolution. We need to cultivate, nurture and expand our reach to nationwide availability in the USA and beyond,” says Obrien.

He emphasizes that Skuna Bay will never compromise on quality to reach those targets.


“Our promise to the end customer needs to remain as one which reinforces their certainty of our high-quality standard.”