GSF group

NOTE 1              General information

NOTE 2              Accounting policies

NOTE 3              Financial risk management

NOTE 4              Critical accounting estimates and judgements

NOTE 5              Investment in associates

NOTE 6              Segment information

NOTE 7              Biological assets and other inventories

NOTE 8              Intangible assets

NOTE 9              Property, plant and equipment

NOTE 10            Borrowings and finance leases

NOTE 11             Leases

NOTE 12            Classifications of financial instruments

NOTE 13            Taxes

NOTE 14            Declaration of salary and other remuneration to senior employees

NOTE 15            Salaries and personnel expenses

NOTE 16            Cash-based remuneration

NOTE 17             Share capital and shareholder information

NOTE 18            Earnings per share and dividend per share

NOTE 19            Cash and cash equivalents

NOTE 20            Trade receivables

NOTE 21             Other current receivables

NOTE 22            Related parties

NOTE 23            Financial income and financial expenses

NOTE 24            Other operating expenses

NOTE 25            Other current liabilities

NOTE 26            New accounting policies

NOTE 27             Post-balance sheet events