We contribute to our local communities in many ways. We create full-time, well-payed jobs in rural areas, support local businesses and sponsor recreational activities for children, youth and adults alike.

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We use local suppliers as often as we can.

We hire local apprentices and support aquaculture schools and training.

We engage in local environmental projects related to our fish farming.

We support sports and cultural activities in our local communities.

Good relations and a good dialogue with our local communities is important to Grieg Seafood.


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Grieg Seafood Rogaland supports five local sports teams, cultural initiatives or other activities for local children and youth. For example:


4H, an organization whose goal is to develop an active and socially committed youth with respect for nature and other people.




diving club Slettaa Dykkerklubb,

The diving club Slettaa Dykkerklubb, a very active club in our area. They do a great job picking up garbage from the sea bed and assisting in rescue operations at sea.




The old fishing boat called The Swan with a donation for maintenance and operation so that children and youngsters can learn about our coastal culture. The boat is also used for recreation, and is adapted for wheelchair users.





CISV, an international youth exchange program. The goal is to promote cultural understanding and peace.

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