Keeping our employees safe

Accidents can be prevented by working on procedures, culture, or by improving equipment quality. We never compromise on health and safety.



All locations shall establish annual safety targets with action plans (what, who, when).

All locations shall have high standards of housekeeping.

All managers shall carry out safety walks
(Walk - Observe - Communicate).

All employees shall participate in safety meetings on a regular basis.

The use of personal protective equipment and lite jackets shall be specified for employees, contractors, and visitors.

A risk assessment with respect to safety shall be made for all jobs, equipment, and potentially hazardous materials.

All accidents and near-misses shall be reported and investigated, to include root-cause analysis, and with the subsequent implementation of corrective actions within reasonable time.

Conduct annual audits of the systematic HSE work.

All Regions shall have safety procedures, to help facilitate a safety focus throughout the organization.


Our mission is to provide a safe work place, while ensuring compliance and minimizing future potential liabilities.

We have a zero-tolerance philosophy for accidents.

Health and safety are serious and important matters for Grieg Seafood, and this must be felt by our employees every day.


  • We have systematic efforts to safeguard our employees´ health, safety and environment (HSE).
  • We have implemented a set of guidelines, procedures, and processes as important instruments to identify risk in an early phase. The aim is to prevent and manage work-related injuries, sickness, accidents, and fatalities.
  • Monitoring, reviewing, and revising procedures and policies is a continuous process to keep our employees safe.
  • We focus on a good culture of security, where our employees have a personal understanding of risk and consequences, by proactively involving all our managers and employees in our HSE work.
  • To ensure that all our employees understand and follow our Safety Management Principles, each and every one:
  • is encouraged to commit to take responsibility for their own personal safety in everything they do.
  • understands the importance of working for the safety of others.
  • needs to engage and communicate with colleagues to support safe behavior and compliance.
  • We have introduced a safety excellence program, Brainsafe, in Grieg Seafood BC, which will be evaluated for global implementation.
  • An employee Health & Wellness program was launched in BC during the year, focusing on improving our employees´ physical and mental health. The effect on the organization will be followed closely going forward.
  • Our HSE standard is based on our regions´ regulations and emphasis is placed on preventing injuries and diseases. This is how we work on a daily basis. In particular, we try to organize our work environment to be fit for both genders.
  • On a monthly basis, we monitor and review incidents and accidents together with our employees and union representatives.